Missing in action

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I must apologize for the long silence! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind here in my studio – and life. Things are nice and busy, which is the way I like them! Have been creating as much as possible, while I have the chance, during what seemed like weeks of rainy weather. Here are a few recent additions:


Facets and photos everywhere

Earrings, Gemstones, Jewelry, Rings

Today, I finished a sterling ring with an absolutely stunning vintage jade gemstone. It’s rectangular, faceted and feels very art deco to me. I set it in a simple bezel on a half-round sterling shank and gave it a somewhat scratchy, roughed-up finish, which I like in contrast to the smooth, milky jade.








I also made a pair of sterling drop earrings with some pretty, faceted aquamarine rondelles – my March birthstone. Can’t seem to escape the Pisces influence these days!








Really enjoying the photography aspect of my jewelry shop. It’s led me to invest in a great macro lens and a newer Canon Rebel – newer than my old original. I really love what the macro lens can do and the two in combo are the best! Have always been a shutterbug, but mostly of people until the past few years. Macro photography is a whole other world! Equally satisfying, I’d say. I’d love to hear what others have to say about this….

Back to fall

Gemstones, Jewelry, Jewelry making, Rings

After this week’s brief burst of pale stone inspiration, and the two chalcedony rings that resulted from it, I’m back in fall mode. Here’s the ring that the amethyst sage agate I posted a few days ago has become. I’m wearing it as I write, and it’s super-comfy and kind of cozy for fall, if a ring can in fact be cozy….I think it’s the warm colors in it that make me feel less chilled. I have two sweaters on and have just shut the windows in my studio. Ahhhh, fall….May even make a fire tonight, in the spirit of staying cozy.

Now we’ll see if all the attributes that agates apparently have take effect on me. See the exhaustive list in my Sept. 24 post, Fall gemstones are surfacing. Watch for further instalments on this….

A chalcedony day

Gemstones, Jewelry, Rings

I’ve shifted from fall colored stones to the palest ones today, for some reason. Maybe it’s this incredibly sunny day! Anyway, here are two rings I’ve finished with chalcedony – one a pale pink smooth, square cabochon, the other a square aqua faceted one. Both lovely in different ways. I love rose-cut stones, like the aqua one. Which do you prefer, smooth or faceted?