A chilly studio and snowy inspiration


My studio, in my farmhouse basement, has been feeling pretty chilly this past week. Today, when I woke up to snow, I got all excited – it’s so beautiful! Then, I fired up the furnace. The wood stove wasn’t quite doing it…especially not in the basement.

Things are much toastier now and I happily spent time finishing a few pieces I’d been working on. A lovely pink Feather Ridge plume agate pendant necklace and another with a stunning green and red ocean jasper. I love to let these amazing stones take centre stage – there’s just so much to them. So I gave them simple bezel settings and let them do their thing.

Ocean jasper pendant necklace

Ocean jasper pendant necklace

Feather Ridge plume agate necklace

Feather Ridge plume agate necklace

Also finished a fun pair of circle earrings for party season!

Silver circle drop earrings

Silver circle drop earrings


Back to the sea

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I’ll blame my preoccupation with all things ocean/sea-related on the fact I’m a Pisces. Whatever it is, here I am again, producing pieces of jewelry with gemstones that originate in the sea. The first is a gorgeous green, white and red little ocean jasper, complete with its lovely orbs. The second is a black fossil coral, also a beauty. I find them so fascinating to look at, each in their very unique way…

Life as a Pisces…

Gemstones, Jewelry, Rings

Is it just me or are all Pisceans in love with everything to do with water, and especially the sea? I find myself veering towards choices that involve the ocean, the sea, a lake, a river, or a pond. OK, not so much a pond. Don’t like the murky stuff on the bottom….Still, the water is often the greatest.

I definitely gravitate towards sea-related gemstones as well. Just finished this ring today that features a *gorgeous* ocean jasper cabochon. The colors are incredible….

So, I want to know – are all Pisces drawn to the sea? Please let me know….