Flaming Copper


I’ve been playing with copper this week and am loving the results! I’ve done some fold-forming, cutting, sawing, hammering and painting it with my torch for really interesting colour effects. Here are some of the results:






Mixing it up with mixed metals

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Every so often, where my jewelry’s concerned, I feel like doing something completely different. Going off on a tangent. Breaking loose. Yesterday, I did just that, and decided to mix it up a little with mixing of metals. I started with a brass and sterling pendant project that I riveted instead of soldered for a change. I sawed, hammered, drilled, sanded, hammered some more and polished, then hung the finished product on a delicate sterling cable choker – a current favorite of mine.

Then, I decided to pull out some tiny bits of 14k gold I’ve been saving. First, I soldered a gold bezel cup onto a square sterling silver ring I hand-forged and finished. Then I set a luscious 4mm deep violet amethyst into it. Looks very simple and clean, which I like. A little bit regal at the same time!

Finally, I set two 4mm faceted peridots – a wonderful bright mid-green – points facing out in sterling bezels for a pair of out of the ordinary post earrings. I love the slightly off-kilter look of them. It was a day of awkward jewelry-making with a sprained finger – thanks to my bolting dogs….but that’s another story!

Fall leaves to wear now

Earrings, Jewelry, Jewelry making

These earrings started off as two rectangles of copper, which I then fold-formed. That means that I subjected them to folding, snipping, lots of hammering, shaping and finally heating to get the lovely rich colors you see here. They’re like two similar, but unique, fall leaves you might find blowing around outside at this time of year. Fold-forming is a lot of fun to experiment with, as is heating copper with your torch for a succession of lovely rich colors.