Back in the studio, inspired by fall


I know, I’ve been missing in action for far too long. I have a million excuses….

Just wanted to report on my last show of the summer – the Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts Festival in Toronto. It was three days of great fun and non-stop crowds milling through the park where 190 of us were displaying our wares. A first outdoor show for me and a real learning experience! Setting up a tent, dealing with the damage caused by an overnight rainstorm, meeting all sorts of interesting shoppers and artists and making a good number of sales. The challenge was not to buy everything else there….

Here are a few pieces I’ve created since then, plus a shot of my tent at Cabbagetown Festival. Loved the shadows of the tree:

IMG_6932 copyIMG_6969 copy

IMG_6822 copyIMG_6945 copyCabbagetown tent


Studio renewed

Jewelry making, Tools

I promised myself months ago that an organization/tidy of my jewelry studio was imminent. I promised to post photographic proof. Well, master of procrastination that I am, I only got around to it yesterday and today. It’s 100 per cent improved. No longer have to squeeze around furniture/equipment. But I still need to step over dogs.

I give you, the new and improved Le Chien Noir Jewelry studio…ImageImage