O Canada!


Dear Le Chien Noir Jewelry followers,

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With the arrival of summer, we’re experiencing intense heat here in Southeastern Quebec. I’m so thankful for the huge lake nearby and the small pond – as well as for having my studio in the very cool basement of my farmhouse. Makes getting to work a treat!

I’ve been spending lots of quality time down there, creating pieces for some of the wonderful gemstones I’ve collected in recent months. Such fun! Also, preparing for the upcoming Festival des arts Georgeville – Fitch Bay coming up later this month. Stay tuned for much more.

Here are some new pieces, featuring stones I’m swooning over….




Snow day!


Being from Quebec, I’ve always loved snowy weather, so it was a treat to wake up this morning to lots of the stuff! About 8″ overnight and it’s showing no signs of stopping…

Just took the dog for a fun walk along the snowy road and she was digging in the huge snowbanks, running back and forth and generally having a great time. Now that we’re back indoors and warm, I’m heading into my studio to keep working on several rings I’ve got going. Some really lovely agates I’ve amassed! There are such wonderful patterns and colors! Here’s a sampling:


Back to fall

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After this week’s brief burst of pale stone inspiration, and the two chalcedony rings that resulted from it, I’m back in fall mode. Here’s the ring that the amethyst sage agate I posted a few days ago has become. I’m wearing it as I write, and it’s super-comfy and kind of cozy for fall, if a ring can in fact be cozy….I think it’s the warm colors in it that make me feel less chilled. I have two sweaters on and have just shut the windows in my studio. Ahhhh, fall….May even make a fire tonight, in the spirit of staying cozy.

Now we’ll see if all the attributes that agates apparently have take effect on me. See the exhaustive list in my Sept. 24 post, Fall gemstones are surfacing. Watch for further instalments on this….