Quartz in the rough

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I’ve just spent the past few days in Georgeville, Quebec, visiting with family, eating, knitting, reading and walking in the woods. It’s the last of the fall leaves and still relatively balmy weather. So nice!!! I came across some nice quartz rocks and thought it would be interesting to show these shimmery stones along with a piece of one I made into a ring with sterling this summer. I love the roughness of the stone along with its subtle shimmer. Here they are:


Fall leaves to wear now

Earrings, Jewelry, Jewelry making

These earrings started off as two rectangles of copper, which I then fold-formed. That means that I subjected them to folding, snipping, lots of hammering, shaping and finally heating to get the lovely rich colors you see here. They’re like two similar, but unique, fall leaves you might find blowing around outside at this time of year. Fold-forming is a lot of fun to experiment with, as is heating copper with your torch for a succession of lovely rich colors.