New earrings – and a pricey lemon


I live 20 minutes north of the U.S. border and, like most of us who live around here, I cross it fairly regularly. Usually, it’s incident-free. Today was the exception for my 80 year old parents, though. I was working on earrings in my studio, when I got a call from them. They were in their car, somewhere in Vermont. They left this morning on a road trip and were asked at the border whether they had any citrus fruit with them. They replied, no, they did not. The border official then proceeded to find a rogue lemon in the back of their car. They were pulled over, fully interrogated, scolded, and held up, then finally ordered to pay a $300 fine! After their initial fury subsided, and they got back on the road, they started to find some humour in it and called me to rant about it. 

That’s an aside, though. I’ve added some fun earrings to the collection, plus a lovely summery aqua chalcedony ring. Cushion-shaped stone and beautiful milky aqua, like the sea.



From Norway to L.A., via Toronto

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A few days ago, I thought something had gone wrong on the Etsy site because the number of “favorites” my shop and pieces in my shop were getting all of a sudden was going crazy. I finally figured out that a treasury one of my rings had been included in had made it to Etsy’s front page. Thousands of views and nearly 800 favorites later (my typical number of favorites in a day is more like 10-40), the ring in question had sold and the rest was history. Views and favorites continue to be high, which is great, and I wait in anticipation of my next front page! It was so exciting!!! Here’s the famous ring – an aqua blue, rose-cut square chalcedony from wonderful Fabbydabby Stones in Norway. It’s headed to L.A. Bon voyage!

A chalcedony day

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I’ve shifted from fall colored stones to the palest ones today, for some reason. Maybe it’s this incredibly sunny day! Anyway, here are two rings I’ve finished with chalcedony – one a pale pink smooth, square cabochon, the other a square aqua faceted one. Both lovely in different ways. I love rose-cut stones, like the aqua one. Which do you prefer, smooth or faceted?