Back in the studio, inspired by fall


I know, I’ve been missing in action for far too long. I have a million excuses….

Just wanted to report on my last show of the summer – the Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts Festival in Toronto. It was three days of great fun and non-stop crowds milling through the park where 190 of us were displaying our wares. A first outdoor show for me and a real learning experience! Setting up a tent, dealing with the damage caused by an overnight rainstorm, meeting all sorts of interesting shoppers and artists and making a good number of sales. The challenge was not to buy everything else there….

Here are a few pieces I’ve created since then, plus a shot of my tent at Cabbagetown Festival. Loved the shadows of the tree:

IMG_6932 copyIMG_6969 copy

IMG_6822 copyIMG_6945 copyCabbagetown tent


Arts festival in full swing

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I’m now mid-way through the second arts festival of the summer – this one is Festival des arts Georgeville – Fitch Bay, here in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. My booth is in the Mairie (town hall) in Fitch Bay, a lovely former church, then dance hall, with gorgeous honey-toned aged wooden walls. The wooden backdrop for the paintings being shown there is incredible and really makes the art pop! My co-artists are wonderful and we’re having lots of laughs as we get to know each other. 

If you find yourself in the neighbourhood, do drop by! There’s another site in Fitch Bay and three more in Georgeville, so it makes for a great drive.

Here are some of the pieces I have there:

IMG_5995 copy

IMG_5604 copy

IMG_5696 copy

Market time


I see it’s been longer than I thought since my last post. That’s what happens when you get super-busy I guess. In my case, it’s been preparing for the arts festival/markets I’m part of this summer. The first was last weekend on a beautiful lavender farm here in Quebec, just north of the Vermont border. There were about 40 artists and artisans – all of them native francophones except me. It was great for my French! Met some wonderful people and, in spite of the rain and grey weather, it turned out really well. 

I was busy creating what I could in anticipation. The next show runs from July 18 to 27 and is also here in the Eastern Townships. It’s called the Festival des arts Georgeville – Fitch Bay. The website, which should be up and running soon, is It takes place in five different venues and is lots of fun. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by – there’s a huge variety of art!

Here are some of my recent creations: