New gem-setting tips in action

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Today, I built this sterling ring around a gorgeous oval faceted peridot – one of my favorite stones. So brilliant and cheerful! I’m pleased to say I was able to use many of the great techniques and tips I picked up at my first class in gem setting last weekend. I was dying to try them and boy, did they ever work well! After fabricating a stepped bezel on top of a half-round sterling shank, I set this lovely peridot hammering directly onto the top of the bezel. I’ve done this before, but always hammered an implement applied against the filed edge of the bezel. This time, I just used a small, lightweight goldsmith’s hammer to lightly hammer the bezel directly. Works really well – so exciting! I have a garnet version on the go, so stay tuned. Here’s today’s final result:




In knots

Jewelry, Jewelry making, Rings, Tools

I discovered today that tying a knot in sterling silver wire is not as easy as you might expect. Well, as I expected, at least….Especially the thicker the wire is.

I made this ring for a friend in Cape Cod, using 14 ga. wire and pliers. The challenge was preventing perma-kinks in the wire. Anyway, I’m happy with the final result, once I soldered the back closed, filed, sanded and hammered. Will definitely be trying more of these!


Studio renewed

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I promised myself months ago that an organization/tidy of my jewelry studio was imminent. I promised to post photographic proof. Well, master of procrastination that I am, I only got around to it yesterday and today. It’s 100 per cent improved. No longer have to squeeze around furniture/equipment. But I still need to step over dogs.

I give you, the new and improved Le Chien Noir Jewelry studio…ImageImage