Boy, is my face red….


It’s with great shame that I must admit it’s been over six months since my last post. But I really do have excuses! I’ve been ultra busy with my move a year ago back to my home village in Quebec and renovating the farmhouse where I now live. I’m happy to say, though, that I have been busy at my jewelry throughout it all and have set up a really lovely studio in an upstairs bedroom for now. Also went to NYC in June to take a fantastic course at the Jewelry Arts Institute in granulation. You know, like the ancient Etruscans were big on. It was incredible and I learnt a lot.

Here, meanwhile, is a sampling of some of my recent pieces, which continue to end up in my Etsy shop (, as well as at Studio Georgeville, here in the village.

A natural Ethiopian welo opal in sterling

Flashy Ethiopian Welo opal ring

Fan earrings in sterling

Sterling fan post earrings


White blue opal post earrings

Sterling silver leaf ring, alternative wedding band

Leaf imprint band


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