Back to the sea

Gemstones, Jewelry, Jewelry making, Rings

I’ll blame my preoccupation with all things ocean/sea-related on the fact I’m a Pisces. Whatever it is, here I am again, producing pieces of jewelry with gemstones that originate in the sea. The first is a gorgeous green, white and red little ocean jasper, complete with its lovely orbs. The second is a black fossil coral, also a beauty. I find them so fascinating to look at, each in their very unique way…


3 thoughts on “Back to the sea

  1. I was born 1st week of March so I know this feeling well.
    I spend so much time at the beach but seldom bring home the stones I see that intrigue me guess I keep forgetting I have a very nice tumbler 🙂
    I will make fused glass for hours and walk by a beautiful stone I MUST STOP THAT!
    You have inspired me to take less shells and more rock home in my pockets from the beach

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