Back to fall

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After this week’s brief burst of pale stone inspiration, and the two chalcedony rings that resulted from it, I’m back in fall mode. Here’s the ring that the amethyst sage agate I posted a few days ago has become. I’m wearing it as I write, and it’s super-comfy and kind of cozy for fall, if a ring can in fact be cozy….I think it’s the warm colors in it that make me feel less chilled. I have two sweaters on and have just shut the windows in my studio. Ahhhh, fall….May even make a fire tonight, in the spirit of staying cozy.

Now we’ll see if all the attributes that agates apparently have take effect on me. See the exhaustive list in my Sept. 24 post, Fall gemstones are surfacing. Watch for further instalments on this….


2 thoughts on “Back to fall

  1. Wow! I admire your work. You are a true artist. I like to use natural stones in my work as well but have a very limited supply. I enjoy walking the deserted beaches during our fall season to search for Petosky Stones. Are you familiar with them? When wet or polished they revel the most fascinating fossil patterns. I am rarely able to find them myself but my friends usually accompany me and are much more successful. They are happy to wander along the beaches since they are frequently the recipients of the find used In a bracelet or necklace.

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