The other kind of fall day

Gemstones, Jewelry, Jewelry making

Well, still definitely fall here in Toronto. But today was the grey, damp variety. Not the crisp, sunny kind we’d been having that makes you want to take the dogs for a walk and get outside. Today was more like the napping variety. I’m sorry, dogs….

Still looking through my stone stash at which gemstones are calling out to me to be made into a piece of jewelry. I worked yesterday on a setting for a round labradorite cabochon – one of my favorites – and today, when I was fitting it into its snug bezel, I broke the stone. There were no tears, but almost….Ah well, I have other nice ones in the works, and hope to have a chance to finish them tomorrow. Unless I’m too busy napping.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of some incredible mosaic in a building at Herculaneum outside Naples, Italy, that survived the Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD. How is it that this can survive and my labradorite cabochon doesn’t? Hmmmm…Something to ponder.


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