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I’m embarrassed at how long it’s been since my last instalment here! The thing is, there never seem to be enough hours in the day or days in the week. I spend every spare moment creating jewelry – as the saying goes, “makers gonna make”. It really is addictive, and there are always many projects and designs in the making.

This past summer’s festival season was incredible, including two biggies in Toronto – the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in early July, then the Cabbagetown Art & Crafts show in early September. Such fun, great sales and wonderful feedback! I’m going to be in Montreal next weekend at the Westmount Artisans show at Victoria Hall, 4626, Sherbrooke O. Westmount. Hours are 10:30 – 5, both Nov. 12 and 13. If you’re in the neighbourhood, come and say hi!

In the meantime, here are some photos of new pieces:


Countdown to Valentine’s Day

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It’s already February and we’re neck-deep in snow here in Quebec, but the days are getting longer, and it’s less than a week until Valentine’s Day! In anticipation, I’ve had romance and the color red on the brain. In my studio, it’s inspired certain Valentine’s-themed pieces, while others are built around luscious gemstones from my growing collection. I’m also offering free shipping for $100+ orders until the 14th. Just use coupon code “SHIP100” when checking out.

Here’s a small sampling of some recent (mostly red!) additions to my shop:

Guadalupe Poppy Jasper & Sterling Ring

Guadalupe Poppy Jasper & Sterling Ring

Mixed Metals Copper Heart Drop Earrings

Mixed Metals Copper Heart Drop Earrings

Sterling "Diamond" Studs

Sterling “Diamond” Studs

Gemstone & Sterling Brooch, Shawl Pin

Gemstone & Sterling Brooch, Shawl Pin

Faceted Garnet & Sterling Ring

Faceted Garnet & Sterling Ring

A labradorite moment

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Oh so busy at this time of year! Where do the days go? Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the things I recently finished. Three happen to feature labradorite stones, so I guess it’s fair to say I’m having a labradorite moment. It’s actually a perpetual favorite of mine. I love the shimmer and flash – subtle yet spectacular if the light is right. Three pieces I finished today:

IMG_7398 copy

IMG_7414 copy

IMG_7424 copy

A chilly studio and snowy inspiration


My studio, in my farmhouse basement, has been feeling pretty chilly this past week. Today, when I woke up to snow, I got all excited – it’s so beautiful! Then, I fired up the furnace. The wood stove wasn’t quite doing it…especially not in the basement.

Things are much toastier now and I happily spent time finishing a few pieces I’d been working on. A lovely pink Feather Ridge plume agate pendant necklace and another with a stunning green and red ocean jasper. I love to let these amazing stones take centre stage – there’s just so much to them. So I gave them simple bezel settings and let them do their thing.

Ocean jasper pendant necklace

Ocean jasper pendant necklace

Feather Ridge plume agate necklace

Feather Ridge plume agate necklace

Also finished a fun pair of circle earrings for party season!

Silver circle drop earrings

Silver circle drop earrings

Back in the studio, inspired by fall


I know, I’ve been missing in action for far too long. I have a million excuses….

Just wanted to report on my last show of the summer – the Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts Festival in Toronto. It was three days of great fun and non-stop crowds milling through the park where 190 of us were displaying our wares. A first outdoor show for me and a real learning experience! Setting up a tent, dealing with the damage caused by an overnight rainstorm, meeting all sorts of interesting shoppers and artists and making a good number of sales. The challenge was not to buy everything else there….

Here are a few pieces I’ve created since then, plus a shot of my tent at Cabbagetown Festival. Loved the shadows of the tree:

IMG_6932 copyIMG_6969 copy

IMG_6822 copyIMG_6945 copyCabbagetown tent

Wha??? Where has summer gone?!

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Busy times….Why does summer always seem to race by? Around here, in the country, most activity seems to get crammed into the two short, hot months of the year, so it ends up being a bit of a blur.

Have done two great arts festivals so far since June, and am busily prepping for the next BIG one: the Cabbagetown Art and Crafts Sale in Toronto on Sept. 5-7. It’s a whole lot bigger than the last two and I’m working to create as much as possible before then!

Here are a few recent pieces I’ve added:

Kyanite & sterling earrings

Kyanite & sterling earrings

IMG_6463 copy

Mystic topaz & sterling

IMG_6416 copy

Ocean jasper & sterling

IMG_6437 copy

Copper anticlastic earrings

Arts festival in full swing

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I’m now mid-way through the second arts festival of the summer – this one is Festival des arts Georgeville – Fitch Bay, here in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. My booth is in the Mairie (town hall) in Fitch Bay, a lovely former church, then dance hall, with gorgeous honey-toned aged wooden walls. The wooden backdrop for the paintings being shown there is incredible and really makes the art pop! My co-artists are wonderful and we’re having lots of laughs as we get to know each other. 

If you find yourself in the neighbourhood, do drop by! There’s another site in Fitch Bay and three more in Georgeville, so it makes for a great drive.

Here are some of the pieces I have there:

IMG_5995 copy

IMG_5604 copy

IMG_5696 copy

Blog love and new pieces


Recently, a woman named Shanell Mouland contacted me because she loves my jewelry and wanted to write about it on her blog, She writes about parenting a child with autism and about “Products we love”, among other things. An open letter she wrote last year to thank the man who sat next to her daughter, Kate, on a plane and was so kind and patient with her went viral. Anyway, here’s what she wrote about my shop:

Nice, eh?

I continue stocking up my shop with new creations in anticipation of the two upcoming shows I’m taking part in. 



O Canada!


Dear Le Chien Noir Jewelry followers,

In celebration of Canada Day, today only take 15% off anything in my shop! Use coupon code BLOG15 at

With the arrival of summer, we’re experiencing intense heat here in Southeastern Quebec. I’m so thankful for the huge lake nearby and the small pond – as well as for having my studio in the very cool basement of my farmhouse. Makes getting to work a treat!

I’ve been spending lots of quality time down there, creating pieces for some of the wonderful gemstones I’ve collected in recent months. Such fun! Also, preparing for the upcoming Festival des arts Georgeville – Fitch Bay coming up later this month. Stay tuned for much more.

Here are some new pieces, featuring stones I’m swooning over….