A confession


I have a confession: I rarely think about brooches. Until very recently, that is, when a very sweet neighbor down the road from my farm ordered a few pieces of jewelry for the women in his life. One of these is his mother. He said she has all kinds of stuff and asked my advice on what might be meaningful to her.

My immediate response was that anything coming from her son is bound to mean a lot, whether it’s something she would choose for herself or not. We discussed some options, then the idea of a brooch struck me. It’s relatively safe, versatile, and can take many shapes and forms. He liked the idea, so I got going and made a few options for him to look at. First, a simple forged squiggle in sterling. Small, innocuous, sweet and fun. The second is a similar squiggle forged in sterling, but I added a tube-set faceted Oregon sunstone, for a subtle bit of sparkle.

We’ll let him decide if his mum is the sparkly type or more minimalist.

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Here they the two brooches:

Sterling squiggle brooch

Sterling squiggle brooch


Sterling squiggle brooch with Oregon sunstone


Snow day!


Being from Quebec, I’ve always loved snowy weather, so it was a treat to wake up this morning to lots of the stuff! About 8″ overnight and it’s showing no signs of stopping…

Just took the dog for a fun walk along the snowy road and she was digging in the huge snowbanks, running back and forth and generally having a great time. Now that we’re back indoors and warm, I’m heading into my studio to keep working on several rings I’ve got going. Some really lovely agates I’ve amassed! There are such wonderful patterns and colors! Here’s a sampling:


Busy pre-holiday times


Here I am again – two days in a row! This, despite the Xmas/holiday rush! It’s definitely a busy month in the jewelry biz, and I’m enjoying making lots of fun additions for my shop, as well as taking my usual custom orders. Takes a bit of juggling, which I quite like. Perfect for those of us with short attention spans! We get to flit from one activity or project to the next and back again. Here are a few things I completed today:

chalcedony ring in sterling

AAA rose-cut aqua chalcedony in sterling

Peruvian blue opals

Peruvian blue opal & sterling earrings

Yellow diamond ring in 14K yellow gold

Yellow rose-cut diamond in 14K gold


Boy, is my face red….


It’s with great shame that I must admit it’s been over six months since my last post. But I really do have excuses! I’ve been ultra busy with my move a year ago back to my home village in Quebec and renovating the farmhouse where I now live. I’m happy to say, though, that I have been busy at my jewelry throughout it all and have set up a really lovely studio in an upstairs bedroom for now. Also went to NYC in June to take a fantastic course at the Jewelry Arts Institute in granulation. You know, like the ancient Etruscans were big on. It was incredible and I learnt a lot.

Here, meanwhile, is a sampling of some of my recent pieces, which continue to end up in my Etsy shop (lechiennoirjewelry.etsy.com), as well as at Studio Georgeville, here in the village.

A natural Ethiopian welo opal in sterling

Flashy Ethiopian Welo opal ring

Fan earrings in sterling

Sterling fan post earrings


White blue opal post earrings

Sterling silver leaf ring, alternative wedding band

Leaf imprint band


Sonoran sunset ring

Sonoran sunset ring

OK, this time, I really am back, after many upheavals and life changes. I’m thrilled to have relocated back to the beautiful countryside of the Eastern Townships in Quebec. It took me a while to pack/unpack, get sorted out, and set up my studio, which now lives in my beautiful, peaceful farmhouse, surrounded by very green fields, blooming lilacs and cows.

I’ve been mostly creating and selling lots of sterling rings with interesting stones, with a few types of earrings thrown in. Here’s an assortment of recent pieces…

Ocean jasper ring

Ocean jasper ring

Crazy lace agate ring

Crazy lace agate ring


Missing in action


I must apologize for the long silence! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind here in my studio – and life. Things are nice and busy, which is the way I like them! Have been creating as much as possible, while I have the chance, during what seemed like weeks of rainy weather. Here are a few recent additions:

Quartz in the rough


I’ve just spent the past few days in Georgeville, Quebec, visiting with family, eating, knitting, reading and walking in the woods. It’s the last of the fall leaves and still relatively balmy weather. So nice!!! I came across some nice quartz rocks and thought it would be interesting to show these shimmery stones along with a piece of one I made into a ring with sterling this summer. I love the roughness of the stone along with its subtle shimmer. Here they are: